February 11, 2012

Starting $1 sweet peas

So, I spent 98 cents today, and now I'm down to $4.02 of my original $5.  I bought a seed packet of sugar snap peas because I love them and haven't found another way to get them.  I sowed them today for 8 plants in the hopes that some germinate.  The seedlings should emerge anytime from 2/18 to 2/21, and They should start producing for harvest by the end of April.

Unfortunately, it will be pretty cold here this spring so they'll do quite a bit of growing indoors and won't go outside until they've gotten fairly big.  I have to figure out how to get them in pots without killing them, which is what usually happens when I container garden.  I'll need to be able to bring them in at night until the last frost.  I held back a few so that I could sow them in the late spring (May) directly in the ground and start a second batch to hopefully lengthen their life.

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