January 16, 2012

Perpetual Green Onions

Did you know that you can grow green onions perpetually?  Seriously.  I have no idea why I bought green onions for so long.

On Friday, I bought green onions from the store and three days later, I already saw the first few inches of new onions.  By the end of seven days, the onions had grown significantly, as is apparent in the picture to the left.

It's crazy easy and I love this. Now, my problem is finding a more decorative container for them and either culling my green onions or finding more to do with them.

So far, I've been bagging them, dicing them and using them as a garnish and as additions to recipes with onions in them.  The flavor is a little fresher than an onion, but the two flavors work really well together.

Growing Perpetual Green Onions
A step by step guide

Step 1:  buy a bunch of green onions.  Choose onions that have relatively long roots.  The grocery store onions are trimmed so that the roots look uniform, but often they miss a root or two.  Choose those if you can, if not, choose healthy looking green onions.

Step 2:  Cut and use your onions as normal.  However, instead of using the entire onion, leave about 2-3 inches as measured from the top of the roots.

Step 3:  Put the green onions in a jar or other small container of water, and set the container in a sunny windowsill.

Step 4:  Wait.  You should see green shoots in as little as two days.  After a week or two, your first batch will be ready to harvest.  I keep the onions in different states of growth so that I can always snip off a bit when I need chives or green onions in a recipe.  Don't let the onions grow too much or they'll lose flavor.

That's it.  Easy.  Quick.  Delicious.

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