January 19, 2012

35 Surprising things you can Compost

Composting yard waste and vegetable leftovers makes sense, but did you know you can compost dryer lint?  Crazy, right?  It turns out there are a ton of things that you can compost that might surprise you.

Check them out in the list below.

  1. latex balloons
  2. bamboo skewers
  3. beer that's flat (shame on you for letting that go bad!)
  4. Cardboard (pizza boxes, toilet paper rolls, etc) 
  5. cat litter (unused)
  6. moldy cheese
  7. cotton or wool cloth
  8. crepe paper streamers
  9. crumbs
  10. dog/cat food (vegetable-based)
  11. dog chew toys (rawhide only)
  12. dryer lint
  13. feathers
  14. fish food
  15. flowers
  16. hair and fur
  17. ice cream (really)
  18. kleenex
  19. loofah sponges
  20. used matches
  21. nail clippings
  22. nori and other seeweed
  23. leather (shred it like mad first)
  24. paper (black and white)
  25. pasta (only if cooked and plain)
  26. pencil shavings
  27. pine cones
  28. post-it notes
  29. Q-tips
  30. rice (only if cooked and plain)
  31. seed shells
  32. paper table cloths
  33. urine (gross)
  34. vacuum bag contents
  35. wine corks

I compiled my list from information from these two great websites, which are great resources on composting in general.  I'm looking forward to going home and getting started composting again!

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