February 21, 2012

Paper Roll Plant Pots

Old toilet paper rolls and paper towel rolls make great plant pots for starting seeds.  They're biodegradable and a perfect size for starting seeds in:  small, but deep enough for seeds to put down solid root structures.

When the time comes to plant the seeds, you can simply remove the non-biodegradable material and plant the entire pot in your garden.

Making plant starters out of recycled materials is easy.  Simply hang on to toilet paper and paper towel rolls as you get done using them.  Then, follow the steps below.

Step 1:  Cut the paper towel rolls down to about the same length as the toilet paper rolls.

Step 2:  Cut 4 slits running half the length of the roll sections, and fold them inward.  Use duct tape or rubberbands to secure the flaps in place to create soil pots.

Step 3:  Pack your new soil pots with potting soil or whatever you're using to grow the plants.   Plant the seeds normally, and use a marker to write the name of the plant on the side of the pot.

Step 4:  Place the pots in tray or recycled container to allow water to safely seep through when you water the seeds.  Mushroom containers from the deli, lunchmeat containers, or other recyclable plastic deli containers will do well for this purpose.

Step 5:  When the plants are ready to transplant into the garden, simply remove the rubberbands or duct tape and set the entire pot in the ground.

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