February 19, 2012

Garden Update 2/19

So, my garden has started with mixed success.  So far, the results are as follows:

Edible Plants

  • Celery--too soon to tell.
  • Garlic--growing like weeds in every pot they're in.  In another week, I'm moving them outside.  I have a perfect spot for them near the hedge by the front porch.
  • Green Onions--growing so fast I can almost see them
  • Hot Peppers--These are about 3 inches tall, still spindly, but doing well.
  • Sugar Snap Peas--Growing well in the potting soil.  They're a few inches tall, unfurling leaves and thickening.
  • Sunflowers--These haven't appeared yet, but they're only a few days old, so I'm hopeful.
  • Sweet Peppers & Tomatoes--Nothing.  I'm a bit worried about these guys.  They're not appearing in any of the pots I've put them in, even though it's a variety of different soils, some of which other plants are growing well in.

Decorative Plants

  • Avocado--The two avocado pits don't seem very interested in growing, as they sit in water.  It's only been a week, though so I'm hopeful that they'll still make it
  • Christmas Cactus--This one is done flowering for the year, and I'm watering it only occasionally.  It's healthy, but not growing at a rapid rate.  I'm considering taking a couple of cuttings.
  • Hens & Chicks--To be honest, it's just 1 plant, but it's doing well.  I need to give it it's own cramped pot though.
  • Pineapple--This is a keiki from another plant, not from a pineapple top.  It's alive, but not growing particularly quickly.  I just repotted it, so I'm hopeful I see some growth soon.  I count this one as a decorative plant because its parent plant never produced a pineapple, just a little plant.
  • Plumeria--I've started watering the plumeria pots to wake them up from winter.  The tips are going green. Since they live in the house until summer, I like to start their wake up early to get plenty of fragrant flowers in summer and fall.
  • Random houseplants--these include the following. A succulent that will not die--I love it, but it seems to thrive on neglect.  A leafy/grassy house plant I got at Lowe's end of season for a dollar last year and brought back to life.  It needs a new pot, and I suspect it's become rootbound in its old one.  Then there are two leafy other houseplants that haven't quite thrived but haven't quite died since their "rescue" for a dollar from Lowes.  They need deeper pots, but I need more soil before I can transplant them.
  • Wandering Jew--This is our remaining cat's favorite toy.  It's growing quickly and rapidly becoming an Audrey II like plant.  As it grows, it's allowed a few leaves to dry and fall off.  The cat scoops them up and plays with them for hours.  In the interest of not having this one take over the entire house, I'm definitely going to take some cuttings from it.


  • Morning Glory--in an effort to prove my belief that morning glories are pretty weeds, a morning glory volunteer has sprouted in my celery pot.  I'm nurturing it because I'm not going to turn down a free plant and because I want morning glories to make my pea vines more "decorative" when I let them grow on the trellis I have planned.  I suspect this volunteer is what comes from reusing old soil.

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